17 december 2011

On a working visit to the Magadan Region, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin inspects North-East Air Navigation, a branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise State ATM Corporation


During his visit to the navigation centre, Mr Putin inquired about the average salary of air traffic controllers. He was told that an average salary of a controller with 15 years of experience is 130,000 roubles, including various bonuses and allowances.

Mr Putin also talked with air traffic controllers responsible for various airspace sectors. In addition to civil aviation, the navigation centre also controls the flights of special service and military aircraft, including strategic bombers. Specifically, North-East Air Navigation provides air control services for Tu-95 bombers during in-flight refueling exercises. Mr Putin recalled that he had an opportunity to fly in such an aircraft. "I have seen this before. Quite interesting," said the prime minister.

He spoke to a controller responsible for the airspace over the Arctic Ocean. At that point the airspace was approached by a foreign airliner. The pilot contacted the controller to report his location and flight level. The controller responded to confirm that the flight was being controlled by the navigation centre.

Mr Putin, who was present during the conversation, asked the controller to pass on his regards to the pilot.

* * *

The main objectives of North-East Air Navigation are to plan and coordinate the use of airspace, to provide air traffic control services and to oversee compliance with air traffic management regulations.

North-East Air Navigation provides air traffic management across an area covering over 4 million square kilometres. Its area of responsibility includes the Magadan Region, the Chukotka Autonomous Area and the eastern waters of the Arctic Ocean. It also controls transit flights from North America to Southeast Asia.