12 december 2011

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, on a working visit to the Tver Region, attends the commissioning ceremony of the fourth reactor at the Kalininskaya Nuclear Power Plant, which is in pilot production mode


The construction of the fourth reactor at the Kalininskaya NPP, with a capacity of 1,000 MW, began in 2007. The unit achieved the minimum controlled power level on October 20, 2011; it has already been launched twice in test mode.

The Kalininskaya NPP is the largest electric power generator in central Russia.

* * *

Before the ceremony Vladimir Putin views display stands featuring information on nuclear power plant (NPP) construction.

Speaking about the construction of the plant’s fourth power generating unit, Rosatom General Director Sergei Kiriyenko told Mr Putin the facility was launched one month ahead of time due to the use of a wide range of new technical and design approaches.

Following on from the 2011 results, Rosatom plans to save up to 23 billion roubles  as a result of the demonopolisation of the nuclear industry market, Kiriyenko said, adding that in 2007 and 2008 there was an 85% monopolisation of the market, whereas now there were no monopoly companies left.