7 december 2011

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin submits documents to the Central Election Commission to register as a presidential candidate for the March 4, 2012 elections


Central Election Commission spokesperson Nina Kulyasova has confirmed that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has submitted the following documents to register as a candidate for the presidential elections: an application form, documents confirming the information contained in the application form, United Russia's state registration certificate, minutes of the party conference in which Putin was nominated for the presidency, a photocopy of his internal passport, an identification document confirming his current post, a degree certificate (diploma), an income declaration for the period from 2007-2010 and documents on the appointment of authorised representatives for financial issues.

After confirming the receipt of the above documents, Kulyasova said that the CEC will verify them within five days. She also said that the commission will consider the registration of financial representatives and the issue of opening a special bank account at its next meeting. "Thank you," Putin said.

Vladimir Putin was nominated to run for president at a conference of the United Russia party on November 27. He was the first to seek official registration as a presidential candidate.