15 august 2008

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chaired a meeting with Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov

The work of the Coordination Council the main aim of which is to help the victims of the humanitarian catastrophe in South Ossetia was discussed during the meeting.

Transcript of the beginning of the meeting:  

Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, Mr Mironov.

Sergei Mironov: Mr Putin, I would like to inform you that on August 11, as part of my executive order, the Federation Council established the Coordination Council. Its main aim is to help the victims of the humanitarian catastrophe in South Ossetia. At the present time we are working with Russian regions. We have collected 35 tons of humanitarian goods: electrotechnical equipment, food and medical supplies, clothes, shoes. On August 20 two flights will deliver all these goods to Vladikavkaz. I also plan to go there personally and transfer all this humanitarian aid to the North Ossetian parliament speaker. They will then distribute it themselves.

In addition, on August 11, as part of my executive order, a special group was created which will examine the situation in South Ossetia. On August 12 a group of Federation Council members headed by my deputy Alexander Torshin left for North Ossetia, and they then went on to work in Tskhinvali.

We gathered documents. In the future we will record it all. It's certainly an unprecedented act of genocide, and those who are guilty of this should be punished. I mean those people, who initiated this incident. Mr Saakashvili, in particular. I think he should carry international responsibility.

Vladimir Putin: I absolutely agree with you. Thank you for the efforts you have undertaken in this respect.

Will the session start soon? When?

Sergei Mironov: It begins on September 19. By the way, we are preparing some legislative initiatives. We will need to correct the pension and medical insurance legislation in order to provide the necessary social help to South Ossetian citizens. And we would like to draft these amendments.

Vladimir Putin: I hope, the work on the budget will be finished to deadline?

Sergei Mironov: It certainly will. We are ready.