22 september 2011

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits an exhibition of the Russian Geographical Society devoted to the Arctic and the International Arctic Forum during a trip to Arkhangelsk


At the exhibition the prime minister was shown the Umka project, a unique city that will have its own cryptoclimate. Valery Rzhevsky, the author of the project and Merited Architect of Russia, explained that the city is planned be built beyond the polar circle in permafrost. "It is a unique project, there is nothing else like it in the world," the architect said. The city, modeled after the International Space Station, will accept up to 5,000 residents initially. Mr Rzhevsky explained that the city would have a transport axle with units radiating outward. This city of the future will cost approximately $5-7 billion. The residents living in this harsh environment will have access to modern amenities, such as water and amusement parks. It will also produce its own bread and fish products. Transport in the city will be powered with electricity. Initially, this small city modeled after the ISS and built in permafrost will cover an area of just 1.5 x 0.8 km.

Students of the Northern Arctic Federal University presented various designs of Arctic ships, from a koch boat similar to the one that was used by the Pomor people in ancient times, to the Arktilogistik, a modern supply ship.

One of the displays showcased another transport project, the Murmansk transport hub. The authors believe it could serve as the core of Murmansk's passenger transport infrastructure and integrate the railway station, bus station and sea port into a single system.

Artur Chilingarov, a well-known polar explorer, presented the prime minister with a photo album titled The Russian Arctic. The album features photographs and sketches made by members of the Russian Geographical Society.