7 september 2011

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

The Russian prime minister and the Queen of Denmark are satisfied with the two countries’ deepening contacts. Vladimir Putin noted that he and his Danish counterpart worked hard to ensure further progress during his visit to Denmark.

Transcript of the beginning of the meeting:

Vladimir Putin: Your Majesty, colleagues and friends! We are glad to welcome you to Russia! I remember our meeting in Denmark. We enjoyed a very warm welcome there, so let me thank you.

Margrethe II (via interpreter): I was glad to meet with you in Copenhagen not so long ago.

Vladimir Putin: Russia and Denmark have a long history of mutual relations, since 1493 if I am not mistaken. Our treaty had a beautiful title, the Treaty of Love and Friendship. In past centuries, we walked a long journey towards strengthening our relations. During my visit to your country, the prime minister (Lars Lokke Rasmussen) and I worked hard to ensure further progress.

I know that you are also visiting St Petersburg where you will see much related to the previous period of our relations. You will visit the Peter and Paul Fortress, a burial place for Russian tsars. I know that the body of Maria Fyodorovna (Empress consort) was reburied with your active support. So, I would like to thank you again.

Margrethe II: Thank you. It was very important for us. My son, the Crown Prince, was glad to have an opportunity to attend the ceremony.

Vladimir Putin: We are glad to see you. Welcome!

Margrethe II: It is a real pleasure for me and my husband, the Prince Consort, to visit Russia and meet with you in the Government House. We too are glad that our countries maintain such positive relations and links. Our Danish prime minister visited you, you visited us and, as you noted, we met in Copenhagen during your last visit. As far as I remember, you had a very busy schedule. You worked hard, but also had time to enjoy yourself.

Vladimir Putin: Yes, the final part of the visit was wonderful. We enjoyed a mug of beer in Trivoli Gardens and watched people entertain themselves. It was nice and homely.