8 june 2011

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits Moscow State University of Railway Communications


Prime Minister Putin visits Moscow State University of Railway Communications (MIIT)

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited the multimodal transport system centre,* which was established at the university for training future engineers in the design and optimisation of cargo and passenger transport. The centre is equipped with modern information systems to assist students in their study of areas such as port management, passenger transport and changing units, railway stations and cargo stations and terminals.

The prime minister also visited the university’s education centre and museum, where he viewed slides describing road and railway building methods and techniques, and learned about some of the university's innovative projects.

* A transport and logistical centre that combines several types of transportation: railways, roads, air, sea and river transport, as well as the entire set of procedures involved in transshipment, warehousing, insuring and safeguarding cargo, in addition to information support, and more.