2 march 2011

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with the family of a paratrooper killed in Chechnya from Pskov and checks up on his previous instructions

Vladimir Putin first met Anna, the daughter of a paratrooper from Pskov killed in Chechnya, in 2002 when he visited the Pskov Airborne Division and unveiled a monument to paratroopers who met a heroic death in Chechnya in 2000. The girl told then-President Putin about her family and her life. Vladimir Putin instructed local authorities to take care of the family and provide for their every need.

Anna, now 17, still lives in the Tambov Region. This time the prime minister met with Anna, her mother and brother. Anna's mother gave Mr Putin a pack of documents and requested he read the documents and give his opinion of them.

Vladimir Putin asked the family how they were doing. "We are very well," the mother said. "We are so glad that our local government keeps helping us." She showed the prime minister pictures of her other children who are now in the fifth grade.

Vladimir Putin asked Anna about her plans for the future and she replied that she intended to enter a medical institute in St Petersburg after finishing school.