28 february 2011

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin discusses socio-economic issues in the Amur Region with Governor Oleg Kozhemyako

Governor Kozhemyako reported to the prime minister on the progress made in fulfilling the instructions he issued during his trip to the Amur Region. He gave special attention to housing construction surrounding the BAM railroad.

Transcript of the beginning of the meeting:

Vladimir Putin: Mr Kozhemyako, I would like you to report on the progress of work around the BAM railroad that we discussed in the summer and agreed upon. What is happening there now?

Oleg Kozhemyako: As you instructed, Mr Putin, we have taken stock of all the dilapidated and hazardous housing in the area. All the residents in need of better housing have been registered. We have estimated the total area of additional housing we need to build and organised tenders for the construction of apartment buildings, including those under capital construction projects in the city of Tynda where new structures are to be built on the basis of the existing groundwork. Construction teams are currently dismantling the old structures remaining there. But the foundations are still in good condition and we are going to use them. Construction will begin around April 1.

We have selected a site for a major residential project in Tayozhnaya, where modern buildings are to be constructed with the use of advanced building technology. While surveying is underway, we have selected a design institute, the general contractor and subcontractors, and the types of buildings to be constructed. The architectural designs should be ready by April 1, and that’s when we will begin doing the groundwork.

Vladimir Putin: Remember we talked to that woman in a tent? Is that what you are talking about?

Oleg Kozhemyako: Exactly. We expect to start doing the groundwork there in April and simultaneously building engineering networks. I would also like to ask you, in connection with your instructions during the teleconference… I have already talked to Mr Yakunin (president of Russian Railways) and asked him for assistance in connecting to networks because their heating station is the closest. I have also drafted a letter telling them that we will be getting increased deliveries of prefabricated structures. Maybe they could grant us a transportation discount so we could prevent our construction costs from skyrocketing.

Anyway, we plan to commission 44,000 square metres of housing this year, and will continue to fulfil our plans. The site is big enough to accommodate 75,000 square metres. We have also found sites for infill construction in Tynda – for capital construction.

Vladimir Putin: Please keep this under control and report to me regularly, also about your interaction with federal agencies, as well as financing issues. About Russian Railways, I could issue an instruction to the Transport Ministry. They will help coordinate your request.

On the whole, has the region made any progress since the beginning of the year?

Oleg Kozhemyako: We’ve had a good start. We have increased the budget, and our  results for 2010 weren’t bad. There was a certain lag in bank protection. This happened because financing was late, and contractors did not agree to complete the work before the money arrived. The construction of the perinatal centre was still at the zero cycle before the winter, so the projects had to be suspended for two months. But we will commission it in September – this is an objective term.

We are fulfilling the instruction you issued during your visit and meetings with local residents in need of better housing – a 60-apartment building is under construction in Novo-Bureisk. The work is progressing in spite of the severe cold. They have been laying 100-150 cubic metres of bricks there. There is a plan to expand the construction team working on this project in mid-April. The building will be commissioned in September or October.

As for the completion of a sports facility at the Vostochny space centre, the Finance Ministry is currently raising funds for the project. The girl we discussed – Anastasia Medyanikova – now has enough medication to last until April. In April we will hold a tender for state guarantees, and we’ll provide a year’s worth of medication for her.

Vladimir Putin: Good.