1 november 2010

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is visiting the Nizhny Novgorod Region, inspected the rebuilt Verkhnyaya Vereya village, destroyed by wildfires last summer


The prime minister began his inspection at the post office. Vladimir Putin asked a postal worker if many people came in to the office. She replied that even on the first day there was a long queue. "You worked here before the wildfire, then you knew every house, didn't you," the prime minister asked. "Yes, I did. Now I sometimes feel somewhat uncomfortable," the postal worker replied. "However, it's not a big deal; we'll find every address."

After that, Vladimir Putin visited each room of the rural health post. The prime minister then spotted a small shop nearby and decided to go in. One of the women in the shop told the prime minister that the shop, the only in the village so far, sold all the essential consumer goods. The shop assistant informed the prime minister that the shop was supporting the prices for over 30 socially significant items, including pasta, cereals, sugar, bread and milk, within certain limits.

Following this, Vladimir Putin walked down a street in the village. On the way to a playground, the prime minister was met by a girl asking him for an autograph. The girl gave the prime minister a small note after receiving his autograph. "You want to be a dentist?" Vladimir Putin asked after reading the note. Then he told her, "I have read your request and will see to it."

After the walk, the prime minister called on Svetlana Romanova, who during Vladimir Putin's visit to the village three months earlier requested that housing be provided to those who lost their homes to the wildfires. "When I came to the village after the wildfires, Ms Romanova grabbed me by the hand and demanded that I build houses," Vladimir Putin recalled and suggested taking a look at those wildfire victims' new homes. It turned out that Svetlana Romanova was living in a fairly spacious house, which in addition to a living room, kitchen and a bedroom, included a guestroom and an office. As an expression of their appreciation the family presented Vladimir Putin with their family icon.

Having said goodbye to the family, the prime minister headed to a meeting with residents of other villages. On the way, Vladimir Putin's bus made a stop so that he could meet with a group of residents of Verkhnyaya Vereya. The prime minister stepped out of the bus to talk to the villagers and some of them had personal requests for him.

In addition, the prime minister met with the heads of the construction companies that built the homes in that village. "I'd like to thank you," Vladimir Putin said. "I have been receiving letters and some of them have impressed me deeply. For example, the wife of a construction worker wrote that her husband was working day and night and that she would be glad if his lunch were more substantial," the prime minister said to the approving laughter of the construction workers. He added: "This means that your workers have been working hard, and honestly." In addition, Vladimir Putin emphasised that everything had been done nicely and properly. "You have shown how capable our construction sector is in terms of modern technology, quality and staying on schedule," Vladimir Putin stressed.

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