27 october 2010

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on a visit to Kiev

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that a completely new atmosphere of trust and willingness to cooperate on major economic and social issues has been created in Russian-Ukrainian relations. In turn, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych expressed the hope that Mr Putin’s visit to Kiev will be productive and that both parties, as always, will find many solutions to topical issues.

Transcript of the beginning of the meeting:

Viktor Yanukovych: I'm pleased to see you, Mr Putin, and your small but well-briefed delegation.

I know that the working groups covered a lot of ground in various areas. I hope that your visit to Kiev will be productive and, as always, we will manage to find many solutions to the topical issues of our interstate relations.

I'm glad to say that the proposals drafted by the working groups are aimed at integrating our economies in many areas, for instance, the aircraft industry, shipbuilding, the fuel and energy complex and in science-intensive fields. It goes without saying we'll have enough to discuss today, and I'm very interested to know your opinion.

In general, I think that we are making progress towards the goal you set - the drafting of an effective treaty on our interstate relations until 2020. I hope that you, acting on behalf of the Russian government, will make a large contribution to this work. Our Prime Minister, Nikolai Azarov, continues to report to me that this work is progressing. I'd like us to move forward on many issues today. Thank you.

Vladimir Putin: Mr Yanukovych, dear ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I'd like to thank you for the invitation.

Indeed, the preparations were very extensive. At the same time, I want to put it straight, this work would have been meaningless if your efforts and your political position hadn't created a completely new atmosphere in Russian-Ukrainian relations, an atmosphere of trust and willingness to cooperate on major economic and social issues.

As it always happens between two strong partners, the preparatory work was an uphill road. We had to adjust our positions and seek compromises, but we have made progress virtually across the board. But the main point is that owing to your policy towards Russia, we are witnessing how this political attitude is yielding economic results. Our trade has grown considerably - by 77% from January to September of this year. We are very close to pre-crisis levels. Needless to say, these are very positive developments that allow us to set new goals and to move ahead.