29 september 2010

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attends Lesdrevmash-2010 international exhibition


While attending the forestry exhibition, Mr Putin was shown an integrated electronic system for forestry monitoring. According to Viktor Maslyakov, chief of the Federal Agency for Forestry (Rosleskhoz), the system contains data on all forestry facilities and entities and is free to participants.

The prime minister was also shown unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with video cameras for monitoring purposes. The vehicles provide the system with the information they record and cost 3.5 million roubles each. Currently, the agency is using four vehicles, with plans for another eight.

Moving on, Mr Putin examined the exhibits featured by Russia's regions. The prime minister was told about a project to construct a cellulose plant in the Novgorod Region, which intends to distribute its products to the Vologda, Tver and Leningrad regions. Vnesheconombank is among prospective investors in the project. The Prime Minister inquired about the bank's share in the future enterprise and was told it would total about 70%, with 300 million euros to be loaned at the first stage. He was impressed with the amount.

Other regions that had the opportunity to introduce their projects in timber processing and woodworking to the prime minister included the Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk territories, and the Vologda Region.