28 september 2010

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits the Syktyvkar industrial complex which specializes in woodworking and the construction of wooden buildings


Yevgeny Korolev, the general director of the enterprise, told the prime minister that the complex operated on the basis of a complete production cycle, including timber drying. Vladimir Putin asked if customers could choose the specific size of a product or if the plant turned out only standard items. Mr Korolev replied that the plant could also produce customized items and fill individual orders. As an example of the complex's products, he showed the prime minister a log house made of laminated veneer lumber, which can be assembled in several hours. He also demonstrated some photos of houses, schools and other institutions built from materials made at the Syktyvkar plant.

"How much time will it take to build such a small apartment complex?" asked Vladimir Putin pointing at a building for two or three families. "Using prefabricated components, it can be assembled in six to seven hours," answered Mr Korolev, explaining that such speed is a result of the frame-panel construction technique.