30 june 2010

Prime Minister Vladimir Putintin visits Meteor stadium in Zhukovsky


Vladimir Putin toured the Meteor stadium, which, according to Zhukovsky Mayor Alexander Bobovnikov, is the only athletic stadium in Russia that meets all international standards. In addition to professional athletes, secondary school students, university students and people with health problems can all use the stadium's athletic facilities free of charge. A total of 3,700 persons use the facilities on a regular basis.

The Prime Minister also toured living quarters for athletes visiting the stadium for training sessions, where he spoke with some athletes, including European, international and Olympic champion middle-distance runner Yury Borzakovsky. "This is a wonderful stadium," said the Merited Master of Sport of Russia. The prime minister agreed with him: "It is a comfortable, handsome and modern facility."

Some of the athletes noted that the sports complex had no winter training facilities. Moscow Region governor Boris Gromov said that there had been plans to build a roofed stadium, but the recession had interfered with the project. "The downturn is now coming to an end, so you can start [construction] now," responded Mr Putin.

The athletes then asked to have their photograph taken with Vladimir Putin and had the prime minister autograph several Meteor pennants.