30 june 2010

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh visit the Engineering Technologies-2010 exposition in Zhukovsky near Moscow and the testing grounds where military and civilian technology is shown in action


Mr Putin and Mr Saleh, who is a guest of honour at the international forum Engineering Technologies-2010 in Zhukovsky near Moscow, visited the pavilion for the Russian Technologies state corporation.

They began with the exhibit of the automobile manufacturer AvtoVAZ, which displayed the dashboard of the Lada Priora car with the installed GLONASS receiver. "The car sells very well due to its quality and reasonable price," Putin remarked on this breakthrough of the Russian automobile industry.

They went on to the Rosoboronexport exhibit, which displayed a model of the T-90 tank. "This is something to buy," Putin said to the Yemeni president. They were also shown the Smerch multiple rocket launcher. The prime minister praised the military technology on display and advised the Yemeni president to pay attention to it.

They also saw energy-saving equipment exhibited by the Russian Electronics Corporation and the Ural-Boeing project presented by Avisma, which produces titanium parts.
In addition, military and civilian technology was demonstrated for the Russian prime minister, the Yemeni president and other forum guests at the testing ground.
The testing ground was equipped with all kinds of obstacles: stairs, a pool and rough roads. Dual-purpose GAZ vehicles opened the show, followed by the Lada off-road vehicle and the Tiger car, which is used by Russian security-related agencies. The Ural and KamAZ automobile manufacturers also showed their products.

The guests also saw legendary Soviet WWII machinery on the testing ground: a T-34 tank and a Katyusha multiple rocket launcher that successfully coped with the obstacle course. They were followed by a BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle, a T-90A tank which is the basic Russian Army tank, T-80U and T-90S tanks, military repair vehicles, a BTR-80 multi-purpose amphibious vehicle, and a Buk M-12 medium-range anti-aircraft rocket launcher.

* * *

Taking part in the exposition were 314 Russian companies. The Russian Ministry of Defence displayed 23 static exhibits, and manufacturers had another 25 examples, particularly models of Ka-135 and Korshun (Vulture) drones, a cutting-edge armoured vehicle of the Volk (Wolf) family, T-90A and T-80U tanks, a BMP-3M infantry combat vehicle, KamAZ armoured vehicles, and Buk medium-range anti-aircraft rocket launchers, to name only some of what was present at the exposition.