Senior Officials


Andrei Artizov

  • Start of the Term in Office  14 december 2009
  • Date of Birth  13 september 1958

Born September 13, 1958, in the town of Kondrovo, Kaluga Region. 

1980: Graduated from the Moscow State Institute of History and Archives.

PhD (History).

1980, 1982-1984: Worked as a senior archive manager in the state archives of the Kalinin and Kaluga Regions.

1984: Appointed head of the archive department of the Kaluga regional executive committee.

1988: Appointed senior lecturer of the Tsiolkovsky State Teachers Training Institute in Kaluga.

1989: Appointed assistant, then senior assistant of the administrative department of the USSR Communist Party's Central Committee.

1991: Appointed consultant, then department head, administration head and board member of the Russian State Archives Service.

 1997: Appointed consultant, then department head and councilor of the Russian President's Executive Office.

2001: Appointed state secretary and first deputy head of the Russian Federal Archives Service.

2004: appointed deputy head of the Federal Archives Agency.

2009: appointed head of the Federal Archives Agency by Government Executive Order No.1943-r dated December 14, 2009.

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