Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with the top managers of the leading industrial enterprises in the Tomsk Region


The meeting focused on the economic situation in the region, which, according to the prime minister, is “a leader in many areas.”

Vladimir Putin’s opening address:

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We are meeting here today to discuss the economic situation in the region. The Tomsk Region – Siberia in general and its Tomsk Region – is a leader in many areas. Naturally, as in any big enterprise, there is a great deal of problems involved. I am aware of this and whenever I visit regions – even if it is not the main goal of a particular working visit – I try to find time to meet with representatives of the regional economy. I use the word “economy” rather than “business” here because I’m talking about people who are in fact at the helm of large companies and who are actually in charge of economic activity. I hope this meeting will be quite productive and focused on specifics, even if short. I suggest we avoid generalities today. I would like to listen to you all and hear your views of what is going on with the regional economy; and I’m asking you to point out some of the problems that I’m sure exist, in order for me and my colleagues in the government to be able to respond to them and act accordingly.

So, please… We are not keeping records today so this discussion will me meaningful and to the point. Let’s start. I suggest everyone gets a chance to speak. Please introduce yourself and let’s begin. 

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