Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits the flood-hit town of Novomikhailovsky in the Krasnodar Territory and talks to locals


The prime minister visited a school damaged by the flood and thanked Kuban State Medical University students who volunteered to clean out the mud. He also visited nearby Olimp Stadium, where about 200 volunteers from several educational institutions were working.

Mr Putin also visited a flooded flat and talked to its resident, Raisa Ilukhina. During their conversation, the prime minister made sure to mention the 150,000 rouble in assistance that every flood victim is entitled to. The money will be transferred from the federal government to the regional budget today. "You will receive another 125,000 roubles for repairs within the week," the prime minister added.

Ms Ilukhina said that she had already received 10,000 roubles for essential needs. She also told the prime minister that the block of flats where she had lived since 1961 is in need of major repairs. Krasnodar Territory Governor Alexander Tkachev, who was present, said that major repairs of the building are scheduled for next year.

The prime minister spoke with other residents of the town, too.

Transcript of the conversation:

Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon.

Responses: Good afternoon.

Vladimir Putin: How are you? Are you finding your bearings?

Response: Slowly, but yes.  

Vladimir Putin: Were you frightened?

Response: Very frightened.

Vladimir Putin: Of course you were. The storm was intense.  

Response: It started so suddenly at night.

Vladimir Putin: Some waves were eight metres high. The flood was clearly caused by abnormal weather. It has been very hot around Kirpichny. There was a lot of moisture from the sea, and deposited on the mountain. Natural disasters are hard to forecast in places like this, where the natural conditions are very complex. I hope everyone has received their 10,000 roubles.

Responses: Yes.

Vladimir Putin: All victims must open a bank account now. Money is coming from Moscow today - 100,000 roubles per person plus another 50,000 from the territory's budget, so each will receive 150,000 roubles in compensation for damaged property. 304 houses are beyond repair, and new ones will be built. More than a thousand buildings are clearly in need of repairs. I just visited a flat and saw the damage. So we have decided to add 100,000 roubles from the federal budget and 25,000 from the territory's budget, which totals an additional 125,000 roubles per dwelling for home repairs.

Response: But it's up to a commission to decide. They'll come and see what a state the floors are in and...

Vladimir Putin: You are touching on a very sensitive issue - sensitive because damages vary.

Response: Right.

Vladimir Putin: But we cannot assess damages with great precision. This is impossible.

Response: Of course.  

Vladimir Putin: There is something else. I trust you all, but we can't be sure about the sums experts will set. That is why I have earmarked 100,000 roubles per home out of the federal budget for repairs, and Mr Tkachev will allocate another 25,000.

Question: Excuse me, but when you mention housing restoration, do you mean block of flats?

Response: I mean facades ...

Vladimir Putin: I mean utility networks damaged by the flood. Regional and local authorities will assess the damage and designate scheduled and urgent repairs. Mr Tkachev and I will settle it between ourselves and help when necessary. But the amount of assistance is up to the regional authorities and the Tuapse district council.

We just visited a house for which repairs are scheduled for next year. So I repeat again, every resident of this house is, in fact, entitled to 160,000 roubles to replace property plus allocations for interior repair - the floor, walls, wallpaper etc. As for the façade, roof and cellar, all this is for next year.

Question: That's great! But will damaged houses qualify as dilapidate according to the federal law? For example, the place I live, 7 Kolkhoznaya Street?

Alexander Tkachev: Was it flooded?

Response: Yes.

Alexander Tkachev: Then all its residents will have new accommodations.

Vladimir Putin: If it is included under the dilapidated housing programme, you will receive new dwellings irrespective of the flood but according to the plan. As for the present situation, it demands urgent aid to all those affected.

Alexander Tkachev: If there was flooding, you will receive all the compensation Mr Putin mentioned - 150,000 roubles per person plus 100,000 for the building.

Response: There are multiple flats there...

Alexander Tkachev: We will demolish it and build new housing.

Vladimir Putin: But dilapidating housing is a separate issue.

Response: I have a very important question about neighbourhood two, where all cellars were flooded and everything is damaged. Will the neighbourhood be restored?

Alexander Tkachev: Let's go over it again. How many people are there in your family? Three or four?

Answer: Four.

Vladimir Putin: So there are four of you, and each is entitled to 160,000 roubles. Each of you, just think! Calculate the sum! And there is another 125,000 for repairs.

Response: I am more concerned about repairs on the house itself, and its façade.

Vladimir Putin: As for the façade, it is up to Mr Lybanev, the mayor you recently elected, and Mr Tkachev. They must see to it that façades, roofs and cellars are repaired on schedule. But if the house is no longer habitable, they should pay attention to it and schedule urgent repairs.

Response: Thank you.

Alexander Tkachev: Was there a flood here in 1991?

Answer: Yes, but we have never had such a bad flood. I have spent all my life here...

Alexander Tkachev: Did you have help in 1991?

Response: It is more tangible now, to be sure. There are volunteers and the military - everyone is helping.

Response: Students are working, too.

Response: The town hall was very good - quick about it. We are satisfied.

Vladimir Putin: Good for them.

Response: And there's charity. Many people were left without bare necessities, but they have received everything now.

Response: On the very first day!

Vladimir Putin: I have seen flooded homes: everything is drenched and out of order...

Response: A local entrepreneur was distributing aid though his own property was also damaged...

Vladimir Putin: He's a generous man, thank God.

Question: May I ask another question, please? It is about our boiler house. Can you start heating now to dry the flats?

Vladimir Putin: I think everyone sees that all boiler houses cannot get orders from Moscow. That's what you elected Mr Lybanev for - it's up to him.

Response: We have great hope in him. We trust him, and we voted for him.

Vladimir Putin: Let him come and see for himself. I have instructed the Ministry of Regional Development to see how the job proceeds: compensation payments, repairs and housing construction.

Response: Moscow is paying attention to us, so we are sure everything will be okay.

Vladimir Putin: I wish you every success!

Responses: Thank you very much! Goodbye.

Vladimir Putin: Everything will be okay.

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