Prime Minister Vladimir Putin surveys the progress of housing construction for wildfire victims in the village of Ivatino in the Vladimir Region and talks with future residents


In the village of Ivatino, Vladimir Putin toured the construction site of homes for people who had lost their housing to the wildfires.

This village has all the necessary infrastructure. There are currently 68 houses being built in this village using Canadian technology. The homes are between 50 and 110 square metres and will be commissioned by November 1.

The prime minister also spoke to the future residents of the village. They asked Vladimir Putin to consider resettling in Ivatino residents of other villages whose homes survived the fires but are barely livable because the infrastructure had been completely destroyed.

The prime minister replied that he had discussed this option with the governor. "We have agreed that we will resolve this issue. The governor asked for the right to use the remainder of funds (to construct additional homes). I agreed. If additional funds are needed, we agreed to divide the costs evenly - the Vladimir Region will provide 50% and the other 50% will come from the federal budget," Vladimir Putin said.

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