The Executive Branch


Federal Agency for Water Resources

  • Address  Building 1, 8 Ulitsa Kedrova, Moscow 117292
  • Telephone/fax  +7 (495) 125 5279
  • Official Website
  • Руководитель  Marina Seliverstova

The Federal Agency for Water Resources is a federal body of executive authority responsible for rendering state services, managing state property, and enforcing law in the sphere of water resources. 

The Federal Agency for Water Resources has the following functions:

• to ensure, within its sphere of competence, the rational utilisation, restoration, and protection of bodies of water, and to prevent and eliminate the harmful effects of waters;

• to grant the right to the use of federally-owned bodies of water;

• to maintain water reservoirs, comprehensive water economy facilities, protective and other hydro-engineering structures under the jurisdiction of the Agency, and see to their safety;

• to draw up, in the established manner, schemes for the all-around utilisation and protection of water resources, compile water economy balance sheets, and forecast the condition of water resources and future utilisation and protection of bodies of water;

• to plan and implement anti-flood measures, design and establish water protection zones for bodies of water and their coastal protective barriers, and prevent water pollution;

• to render state services in providing information related to the condition and utilisation of federally-owned bodies of water;

• to keep a state register of contracts concluded for the utilisation of bodies of water, a state water cadastre, and the Russian Register of Hydro-Engineering Facilities;

• to carry out state monitoring of bodies of water and keep a state inventory of surface and underground waters and their utilisation.

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