Senior Officials


Yury Chikhanchin

  • Start of the Term in Office  22 may 2008
  • Date of Birth  17 june 1951

Born on June 17, 1951, in Krasnoyarsk.

1974: graduated from the Siberian Technological Institute as a production engineer.

1974-1975: foreman on the Nazimovo logging enterprise, Krasnoyarsk Association, Nazimovo, Krasnoyarsk Region.

1975-1977: foreman and senior superintendent on Nizhne-Kizirsky PMK-6, Krasnoyarsklesstroi, Koshurnikov, Krasnoyarsk Territory.

1977-1978: Chief of the Production Planning Department on Minusinsk PMK-22, Krasnoyarskkolkhozstroi, Minusinsk.

1978-1994: served in state security bodies.

1994-2000: Head of the East Siberian Regional Directorate of the VEK of Russia.

2000-2002: Head of the Currency Control Department, Finance Ministry of Russia.

2002-2004: First Deputy Chairman of the Fiscal Monitoring Committee of the Russian Federation.

2004-2007: Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Fiscal Monitoring.

September 18, 2007: appointed Head of the Secretariat of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Viktor Zubkov.  

May 22, 2008: appointed Head of the Federal Service for Fiscal Monitoring.

Mr Chikhanchin has a PhD in Economics and the title of Merited Economist of the Russian Federation.

State awards: Badge for Excellence in the Financial Service.

Married, with two children.

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