Senior Officials


Igor Shuvalov

  • Start of the Term in Office  21 may 2012
  • Date of Birth  4 january 1967

Born on January 4, 1967 in Bilibino, Magadan Region. 

Graduated from the Law Department of Moscow Lomonosov State University with a degree in Jurisprudence (1993).

1984-1985: laboratory assistant at the Ekos Research Institute.

1985-1987: served in the USSR Armed Forces.

1993: an attaché at the Legal Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

1993-1995: senior legal adviser at ALM Consulting; 1995: director of ALM Law Office.

1997: appointed Head of the Department of State Register of Federal Property at the State Committee of the Russian Federation for State Property Management.

1998: appointed Deputy Minister of State Property of Russia.

1998-2000: Chairman of the Russian Federal Property Fund.

May 18, 2000: appointed Chief of the Government Staff in the rank of Minister.

June 2003: appointed an Aide to the Russian President.

October 2003: Deputy Chief of the President's Executive Office.

March 2004: an Aide to the Russian President.

January 2005: Russian Sherpa in the G8.

May 12, 2008: First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia.

May 21, 2012: Reappointed First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation by a presidential decree.

Married, with two sons and two daughters.

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