Senior Officials


Anton Siluanov

  • Start of the Term in Office  21 may 2012
  • Date of Birth  12 april 1963

Born April 12, 1963 in Moscow.

1985: Graduated from the Moscow Finance Institute with a degree in finance and credit.

August 1985 – March 1987: Economist, senior economist at the Finance Ministry of the RSFSR.

March 1987 – May 1989: Served in the Soviet Army.

May 1989 – January 1992: Chief economist, first rank economist, chief economist, sub-department deputy head and adviser at the Finance Ministry of the RSFSR.

February 1992: Department deputy head at the Economy and Finance Ministry of the Russian Federation.

February 1992 – October 1997: Department deputy head at the Budget Board, division head and deputy head of the Budget Department, and deputy head of the Budget Department at the Finance Ministry.

October 1997 – July 2003: Head of the Department for Macroeconomic Policy and Banking. Since March 22, 2001 has been member of the board of the Finance Ministry.

July 2003 – May 2004: Deputy finance minister.

May 2004 – December 2005: Director of the Department for Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations at the Finance Ministry.

May 2005 – September 2011: Deputy finance minister.

Sept. 27, 2011: Appointed acting finance minister.

December 16, 2011:  Minister of Finance.

May 21, 2012: Reappointed Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation by a presidential decree.

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