Senior Officials


Maxim Sokolov

  • Start of the Term in Office  21 may 2012
  • Date of Birth  29 september 1968

Born on September 29, 1968 in Leningrad (now St Petersburg)


1987–1989: Conscripted to the armed forces.

1991: Graduated with honours from the Economics Department of St Petersburg State University.

PhD (Economics).


1991–1993: Lecturer at the Economics Department, St Petersburg State University.

1992–1999: Director General of Rossiya.

1999–2004: Director General of Corporation S.

2004–2009: Chairman of the Committee for Investment and Strategic Projects for the city of St Petersburg.

2009: Member of the St Petersburg Government; Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade.

2009– May 2012: Director of the Government Department of Industry and Infrastructure.   

May 21, 2012: Appointed Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation by Presidential Executive Order.

Married, with three sons.

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