Russian Government Commissions


Government Commission on the Implementation of the Federal Law On Legal Aid in the Russian Federation

  • Руководитель  Vladislav Surkov


Alexander Konovalov – Minister of Justice (Chairman of the Commission);

Yelena Borisenko – Deputy Minister of Justice (Deputy Chairwoman of the Commission);

Pavel Astakhov – Presidential Ombudsman for Children’s Rights (external advisor);

Pavel Volkov – Director of the Legal Department at the Ministry of Economic Development;

Yelena Dobrokhotova – Associate Professor at the Department of Labour Law and Labour Security at St Petersburg State University;

Inga Zalutskaya – Deputy Director of the Department of Legal Aid and Interaction with the Judicial System at the Ministry of Justice (Executive Secretary of the Commission);

Igor Zubov – State Secretary, Deputy Minister of the Interior;

Svetlana Ivanova – Deputy Minister of Regional Development;

Yekaterina Larina – Director of the Department of State Policy for Mass Media at the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media;

Sergei Morozov – Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region;

Vladimir Pligin – Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Constitutional Law and State Development (external advisor);

Andrei Pudov – State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security;

Igor Redkin – Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Association of Russian Lawyers (external advisor);

Natalya Romashova – Director of the Legal Department at the Ministry of Culture;

Maria Sazonova – President of the Federal Notary Chamber (external advisor);

Yevgeny Semenyako – President of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers (external advisor);

Yelena Sereda – Head of the Organisational Directorate of the Staff of the Human Rights Commissioner in the Russian Federation (external advisor);

Alexander Torshin – First Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council (external advisor);

Natalya Tretyak – State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Education and Science;

Alexei Cherkasov – Director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Healthcare;

Yana Sharakhova – Head of the Legal Directorate at the Federal Migration Service.

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