Russian Government Commissions


Commission on Budgetary Planning for the Upcoming Fiscal Year and the Planning Period

  • Руководитель  Dmitry Medvedev

The Commission is a coordinating body, established in order to facilitate cooperation between federal bodies of executive power in drafting the federal budget and the budgets of the Russian Federation's state extra-budgetary funds for the upcoming fiscal year and the planning period. 

The Commission has the following responsibility:

  • to facilitate the timely and top-quality preparation of issues as regards the drafting of the federal budget and the budgets of the Russian Federation's state extra-budgetary funds for the upcoming fiscal year and the planning period and their subsequent consideration by the Government of the Russian Federation.


Dmitry Medvedev: Prime Minister (Chairman of the Commission);

Igor Shuvalov: First Deputy Prime Minister (Deputy Chairman of the Commission);

Mikhail Abyzov: Minister;

Andrei Belousov: Minister of Economic Development;

Yevgeny Bushmin: Chairman of the Federation Council Budgetary Committee (external advisor);

Olga Golodets: Deputy Prime Minister;

Valery Goreglyad: Deputy Chairman of the Audit Chamber (external advisor);

Arkady Dvorkovich: Deputy Prime Minister;

Sergei Donskoi: Minister of Natural Resources and Environment;

Sergei Ignatyev: Chairman of the Bank of Russia (external advisor);

Viktor Ishayev: Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East, Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District;

Dmitry Kozak: Deputy Prime Minister;

Vladimir Kolokoltsev: Minister of the Interior;

Alexander Konovalov: Minister of Justice;

Sergei Lavrov: Minster of Foreign Affairs;

Dmitry Livanov: Minister of Education and Science;

Andrei Makarov: Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Budget Issues and Taxes (external advisor);

Denis Manturov: Minister of Industry and Trade;

Vladimir Medinsky: Minister of Culture;

Vitaly Mutko: Minister of Sport;

Nikolai Nikiforov: Minister of Communications and Mass Media;

Alexander Novak: Minister of Energy;

Vladimir Puchkov: Minister of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief;

Dmitry Rogozin: Deputy Prime Minister;

Valery Sidorenko: Director of the Government Department for Economics and Finance (Executive Secretary of the commission);

Anton Siluanov: Minister of Finance;

Veronika Skvortsova: Minister of Healthcare;

Igor Slunyayev: Minister of Regional Development of the Russian Federation

Maxim Sokolov: Minister of Transport;

Vladislav Surkov: Deputy Prime Minister, Chief of Staff of the Government Executive Office;

Maxim Topilin: Minister of Labour and Social Security;

Nikolai Fyodorov: Minister of Agriculture;

Alexander Khloponin: Deputy Prime Minister, Presidential Envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District;

Sergei Shoigu: Defence Minister.

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