Russian Government Commissions


Government Commission on Religious Organisations

  • Руководитель  Vladislav Surkov

The Commission is a coordinating body set up to handle issues arising during interaction between the state and religious associations. 

The Commission has the following responsibilities: 

  • to draft proposals on issues regarding the activity of religious associations that require government attendance;

  • to provide information and analytical support for the Government's operation in the sphere of relations between the state and religious associations;

  • to coordinate the operation of executive bodies regarding the relations with religious associations.


Vladislav Surkov, Deputy Prime Minister, Chief of the Government Staff (Chairman of the Commission);

Ivan Demidov, Deputy Minister of Culture (Deputy Chairman of the Commission);

Alu Alkhanov, Deputy Minister of Justice;

Alexei Volin, Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media;

Mikhail Belousov, Deputy Head of the Presidential Internal Policy Directorate (external advisor);

Vladimir Ginensky, Division Head of the Department of Culture of the Russian Government (Executive Secretary of the Commission);

Alexander Gorbenko, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Media Relations, Interregional Cooperation, Sport and Tourism;

Olga Dergunova, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Head of the Federal Agency for State Property Management;

Oleg Dobrodeyev, General Director of VGTRK State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company;

Igor Zubov, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of the Interior;

Grigory Karasin, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs;

Andrei Loginov, Government Representative to the State Duma;

Denis Molchanov, Deputy Chief of the Government Staff.

Mikhail Ostrovsky, First Deputy Secretary of the Public Chamber (external advisor);

Nikolai Pankov, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Defence;

Sergei Popov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Public and Religious Organisations (external advisor);

Andrei Pudov, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security;

Alexander Radkov, Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism;

Igor Remorenko, Deputy Minister of Education and Science;

Mikhail Seslavinsky, Head of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Media;

Alexander Torshin, First Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council (external advisor);

Ilyas Umakhanov, Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council (external advisor);

Alexander Chubaryan, Director of the General History Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences;

Sergei Shcheblygin, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Education and Science (external advisor);

Konstantin Ernst, General Director of Channel One (external advisor);

Vladimir Yakunin, President of Russian Railways (external advisor).

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