On Holding a Public Technological and Price Audit of Large Investment Projects with State Participation


The document has been developed by the Ministry of Economic Development in order to implement the instruction included in the President’s Executive Order No 596 On Long-Term State Economic Policy of May 7, 2012 (Paragraph 2 Subparagraph D point 6).

The Resolution establishes a criterion for including an investment project within the category of large projects: its price. It defines a public technological and price audit, audit stages, the bodies, organisations and individuals participating in the audit process and in its direct implementation, and the requirements for the aforementioned organisations and individuals. 

The relevant federal executive bodies are instructed to provide the methodical and regulatory framework for conducting audits; they are also instructed to develop proposals on improving the audit procedure in 2015.

The results and the experience of conducting this audit will be used in the development of regulations for conducting a mandatory public technological and price audit of large investment projects with other types of state participation.

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