Dmitry Rogozin holds a meeting of the Military-Industrial Commission, dedicated to automated control systems, communications, intelligence, electronic warfare and information confrontation


In his opening remarks at the meeting held at the Academician Semenikhin Research Institute of Automatic Equipment, Dmitry Rogozin said that until recently “many institutions have been operating without paying much attention to the needs of the nation and its armed forces.” According to him, combining their efforts will make it possible to resolve complex problems in a short timeframe at a low cost.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that an automated system of command and control over the armed forces is currently being implemented. In the future, the General Staff will be able to keep in touch with the commanders of all levels in real-time during the planning and actual conduct of military operations. In addition, it will be possible to track the whereabouts of servicemen carrying out combat missions and quickly provide help to troops and units whenever they need it.

The automated command and control system will help implement a similar control system for the military-industrial complex. The use of adapted military control algorithms in manufacturing industries will help control the work under the state defence order and help establish cooperation among various enterprises.

In addition to addressing the strategic issues facing the new corporation, the members of the Military-Industrial Commission discussed the establishment of a domestic electronic component base. Dmitry Rogozin familarised himself with a new-generation Russian base, which is almost as extensive and sophisticated as its best Western counterparts.

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