Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin: “New equipment and safety systems will ensure safety in the coal industry”


Igor Sechin visited the Raspadskaya coal mine, which is being reconstructed after the disaster in May, and talked to the widows of the miners and rescue workers killed in the accident. The deputy prime minister said that specialised agencies continue their efforts to improve safety in the coal industry: new equipment and a new safety system will be installed there. "We are constantly reducing the accident rate," the deputy prime minister emphasised.

Igor Sechin said that a new search and rescue system is being introduced in mines; it will help locate miners with an accuracy of ten metres. In the future, the equipment will have an increased accuracy of up to two metres, which will help find the victims and communicate with them faster. "The miners will be instructed about the shortest way out of the mine," the deputy prime minister assured.

Igor Sechin promised the widows of the deceased miners that the rescue work would continue until all bodies were found. "I would like you to know that we will not give up until we find everyone, as much as is possible," the deputy prime minister said. Raspadskaya coal mine General Director Gennady Kozovoi told Igor Sechin that the company would start pumping water from the flooded areas of the mine in a week. This will help the investigation and will shed light on the fate of twenty-three miners in the flooded areas, who are still considered to be in the mine.

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